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Industrial waerables with android operating system.

You need these products for use in the so-called Industrial Metaverse.

The Industrial Metaverse is based on augmented and mixed reality and enables employees in industry to interact simultaneously with the objects directly in front of them and with superimposed digital information.

This way, you always have both hands free for tasks and access to information and communication at the same time. Ideal for remote maintenance, digital assistance and logistics.

Article Article Price Category Weight
R11 R11_Dura call Tablet 1.2 kg
RealWear-Navigator ® 500 RealWearNavigator500 call Smart Glass 270 g
RealWear-Navigator ® 520 RealWearNavigator520 call Smart Glass 274 g
U11I U11I_Dura call Tablet 1.39 kg
Vuzix Blade VuzixBlade call Smart Glass 90g
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