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8-Channel, CompactDAQ Universal Measurement Bundle with Expansion

Article number: 868016-01
Product lifecycle: Active

CompactDAQ voltage measurement bundle, 4 slots, 100 [kS/s], 4 channels

Product propertys

cDAQ_BuiltInTrigger No
OperatingTemperatureRange -20 [°C] to 55 [°C]
ConformalCoated No
SlotCount 4
cDAQ_BusConnection USB 2.0
SynchronizationBus(RTSI) No
Modules cDAQ-9174, 2 x NI-9219

Product Description

CompactDAQ voltage measurement bundle, 4 slots, 100 [kS/s], 4 channels - The cDAQ-U4200 bundle includes the NI-9219 C-Series universal analogue input module and the cDAQ-9174 CompactDAQ chassis with 4 signal measurement slots. The NI-9219 has individually selectable channels that allow you to measure signals from sensors such as strain gauges, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, load cells and other sensors that measure current. The bundle also includes a desktop mounting kit for the chassis and four protective housings for strain relief and operator protection from high voltage signals.

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cDAQ-U4200 Bundle (868016-01)
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