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PXIe-AI5100 Bundle

Article number: 867125-04
Product lifecycle: Active

Expandable PXI bundle based on PXIe-4309 Nanovolt Meter, 32 Ch, 28 Bit, 2 [MS/s], CN Power Cable

Product propertys

ChassisPXIType PXI Express
SupportedCableType CN Power Cable
ExternalTriggerAccess No
OnboardClockType VCXO
ExternalClocking No
NumberOfPXISlots 0
Chassis_PowerSupplyType AC
RedundantHW No
SystemTimingSlot No
NumberOfPXIeSlots 0
SlotCount 5
MaximumSystemBandwidth 2 [GB/s]
NumberOfPXIeHybridSlots 5
SlotCoolingCapacity 58 [W]
Modules PXIe-1083, PXIe-4309
Category Analog Input Bundle

Product Description

PXIe-AI5100 Bundle, CN Power. PXI analogue input bundle with 5 slots, 32 channels, up to 28 bits, up to 2 [MS/s], ±15 [V] - The PXIe-AI5100 bundle includes the PXIe-1083 PXI chassis with 5 slots and the PXIe-4309 PXI analogue input module. The PXIe-4309 offers an integrated averaging and signal filtering function, an automatic switching module for zero balancing and a chopping mode that uses a pair of channels to ensure a high level of noise rejection and enable accurate and repeatable nanovolt measurements. Also included in this bundle is the industrial-grade TB-4309 PXI front connector for PXIe-4309, which offers a maximum voltage measurement range of 15 [V]. The included chassis has all hybrid connections, 58 [W] power and cooling capacity and an integrated Thunderbolt™ 3 MXI Express controller. In addition, the PXIe-AI5100 bundle includes a Thunderbolt cable. There is also a bundle option available that includes a power cable for the chassis. Thunderbolt is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

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PXIe-AI5100 Bundle (867125-04)
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