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PXIe-SMU5102 Bundle

Article number: 867112-02
Product lifecycle: Active

Expandable PXIbundle based on PXIe-4137 SMU, ±200 [V], ±1 A DC, ±3 A Pulsed,20 [W] DC,100 [fA],EUR Power Cable

Product propertys

ChassisPXIType PXI Express
SupportedCableType EUR Power Cable
ExternalTriggerAccess No
OnboardClockType VCXO
ExternalClocking No
NumberOfPXISlots 0
Chassis_PowerSupplyType AC
RedundantHW No
SystemTimingSlot No
NumberOfPXIeSlots 0
SlotCount 5
MaximumSystemBandwidth 2 [GB/s]
NumberOfPXIeHybridSlots 5
SlotCoolingCapacity 58 [W]
Modules PXIe-1083, PXIe-4137
Category SMU Bundle

Product Description

PXI-SMU bundle with 5 slots, 40 [W], 100 [fA], precision system - The PXIe-SMU5102 bundle includes the PXI chassis PXIe-1083 with 5 slots and the PXI Source Measure Unit PXIe-4137. The PXIe-4137 features analogue-to-digital converters that allow you to make high-precision measurements for applications such as manufacturing testing, board-level testing and laboratory characterisation with devices such as ICs, PMICs and RFICs, as well as discrete devices such as LEDs and optical transceivers. The supplied chassis has all hybrid connectors, 58 [W] power and cooling and an integrated Thunderbolt™ 3 MXI Express controller. In addition, the PXIe-SMU5102 bundle includes a Thunderbolt cable and a power cable. Thunderbolt is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

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PXIe-SMU5102 Bundle (867112-02)
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