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Basler Ace, acA3088-57uc, USB, 6 MP, 57 FPS, Color

Article number: 787070-01
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Color USB3 Vision, 6 MP, 57 FPS  Area Scan Camera

Product propertys

Sensor IMX178
ImageSensorColor Color
MaximumFrameRateatMaxRes(Fps) 57
CameraInterfaceType USB3 Vision
ShutterType Rolling
Resolution(MP) 6
PixelSize(um) 2.4

Product Description

Color USB3 Vision, 6 MP, 57 FPS  Area Scan Camera. The acA3088-57uc is a Color Basler Ace USB3 Vision Camera with a 6 MP resolution and a maximum image acquisition speed of 57 frames per second. The acA3088-57uc uses a IMX178 sensor and is quality tested and calibrated for high performance and reliability. This camera can be used with NI hardware and software to build machine vision systems.

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acA3088-57uc (787070-01)
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