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PXIe-8521, 100BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet Interface, 4-Port

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PXIe, 4-Port, 100BASE-T1 PXI Automotive Ethernet Interface Module

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PXIe, 4-Port, 100BASE-T1 PXI Automotive Ethernet Interface Module. The PXIe-8521 is a 100BASE-T1 unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Automotive Ethernet interface for developing applications with the NI-XNET driver. The PXIe-8521 is ideal for developing applications that require Automotive Ethernet to test and validate automotive electronic control units (ECUs). The interface provides up to four independent endpoints or up to two network terminal access points (TAPs). It features onboard hardware timestamping and can act as up to four separate 802.1AS masters or slaves, which allows it to synchronize with an external network as well as the rest of a PXI system. The PXIe-8521 also provides LEDs on the front panel so that you can monitor the network link and activity.

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