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PCIe-5763 (786168-01)

16-Bit, 500 MS/s, 4-Channel PCI FlexRIO Digitizer Device

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16-Bit, 500 MS/s, 4-Channel PCI FlexRIO Digitizer Device The PCIe-5763 is a PCI FlexRIO Digitizer Device that simultaneously samples four channels at 500 MS/s with 16 bits of resolution and features 225 MHz of analog input bandwidth. With over 73 dB of SNR, the PCIe-5763 is ideal for applications that require a wide dynamic range with a wideband digitizer. The FlexRIO driver includes support for finite and continuous streaming modes, and you can implement custom algorithms and real-time signal processing on the LabVIEW-programmable Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA. Available in AC and DC coupled variants, the PCIe-5763 is ideal for both time and frequency domain applications, including radar prototyping, LIDAR, communications, microscopy, OCT, event detection, and particle physics.

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Product propertys

AI_NumberOfVoltageChannels 4
FPGAProcessor Kintex UltraScale KU060
AI_InputCoupling DC
AI_VoltageRange -1 V to 1 V
MaximumSamplingRate 500 MS\s
AI_Resolution 16 bits
AI_Bandwidth 225 MHz
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