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NI-9253 Conformal Coated, 8-Ch, +\- 20 [mA], 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit filtered C Series Current Input Module

Article number:785989-02
Product lifecycle: Active

50 [kS/s/ch], ±20 [mA], 24-Bit, 8-Channel C Series Current Input Module

Product propertys

MaximumSamplingRate 50 [kS/s/ch]
CurrentRange -20 [mA] to 20 [mA]
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 1x Spring Terminal
Enclosed Yes
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 0
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 8
ConformalCoated Yes
AI_Isolation 250 [Vrms] Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
AI_Resolution 24 bits

Product Description

50 [kS/s/ch], ±20 [mA], 24-Bit, 8-Channel C Series Current Input Module. The NI-9253 is an 8-channel analog input module for ComapctDAQ and CompactRIO systems. Each channel provides a ±20 [mA] input range and 24 bits of resolution at a 50 [kS/s] sample rate. The NI-9253 has several diagnostic features to ensure your system is operating nominally at all times with open channel detection, power supply detection, and configurable thresholds. The NI-9253 has eight LEDs to indicate the status of each channel and the power supply so that a user in the field can easily validate that the system is operating normally. The NI-9253 also features a number of programmable hardware filters. By choosing the specific Butterworth and comb filters for your application, you can significantly reduce the noise in your system.

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