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Astronics PXIe-6943, 50 [MHz] Digital Test Instrument, 32 Channel

Article number: 785855-01
Product lifecycle: Active

1-Slot, 50 [MHz], 32-Channel PXI Digital Pattern Instrument

Product propertys

ModuleWidth 1
MaxActiveLoad 24 [mA]

Product Description

1-Slot, 50 [MHz], 32-Channel PXI Digital Pattern Instrument. The Astronics PXIe-6943 works as a core component of digital test systems that may include switching, analog instrumentation, and an RF subsystem. This instrument features an advanced thermal design, temperate monitoring, and a high-speed data sequencer for control of stimulus and response patterns. Additionally, the Astronics PXIe-6943 operates at data rates up to 50 [MHz] with 1 [ns] edge placement, variable slew rates, and a <3 [ns] channel-to-channel skew. It also supports synchronized digital test systems from 32 to 224 channels.

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Astronics PXIe-6943 (785855-01)
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