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FD-11637, IP67, 8 ch 1\4, 1\2, full bridge input, 100 [kS/s/ch], 24-bit, Strain\Bridge Input Device

Article number: 785641-01
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8-Channel Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ

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8-Channel Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ The FD-11637 can measure eight channels and has built-in bridge completion and voltage excitation to support for quarter-, half-, and full-bridge sensors. It also features anti-alias filtering, offset nulling, and shunt calibration to reduce the effect of noise and improve measurement accuracy. The FD-11637 has an ingress protection rating up to IP67 (dust- and water-resistant), can operate in -40 [°C] to 85 [°C] environments, and can sustain 100 g shock and 10 grm vibration. The FD-11637 incorporates Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and features an integrated network switch and built-in power circuitry for simple daisy chaining. You program the FD-11637 with NI-DAQmx, which automatically synchronizes multiple FieldDAQ™ devices. The FD-11637 is ideal for test cell and outdoor environments.

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FD-11637 (785641-01)
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