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cRIO-9037, 8-Slot WiFi CompactRIO Controller

Article number: 784549-01
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cRIO-9037, 8-Slot WiFi CompactRIO Controller

Product propertys

ConformalCoated No
SlotCount 8
HarddriveMemorySize 8 GB
RAMSize 2 GB
OperatingTemperatureRange -20 [°C] to 55 [°C]
SupportedProgrammingMode LabVIEW FPGA
NumberOfEthernetPorts 2
ProcessorCore 1.33 [GHz] Dual Core Intel Atom
FPGAProcessor Kintex-7 160T
GigEVisionSupport Yes

Product Description

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cRIO-9037 (784549-01)
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