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sbRIO-9425 (NI-9425E), 24 [V], 7 us, 32-Ch, Sinking DI, Board Only Module

Article number: 783950-01
Product lifecycle: Active

Non-Enclosed, 24 [V], 32-Channel (Sinking Input), 7 [µs] C Series Digital Module

Product propertys

ProductPlatform CompactRIO
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 1x D-SUB
DIO_MaximumUpdateRate 7 [µs]
DIO_LogicLevels 12 [V], 24 [V]
DIO_Isolation 60 [VDC] Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
ConformalCoated No
Enclosed No
NumberOfOutputOnlyChannels 0
NumberOfInputOnlyChannels 32
CurrentFlowDirection Sinking Input
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 0

Product Description

Non-Enclosed, 24 [V], 32-Channel (Sinking Input), 7 [µs] C Series Digital Module The sbRIO-9425 works with industrial logic levels and signals to connect directly to a wide array of industrial switches, transducers, and devices. Each digital input line is compatible with 24 [V] logic levels. The sbRIO-9425 offers isolation between the input and output banks from channel-to-earth ground. Non-enclosed modules are designed for OEM applications.

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sbRIO-9425 (783950-01)
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