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Article number: 783895-01
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NI 9770, 1-Ch, 320 [kS/s], 100 Mhz, 50 Ohms, RF Receiver Module

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C-Series RF receiver module, 30 [kHz] to 100 [MHz] - The NI-9770 is a single-channel module for machine condition monitoring applications. The NI-9770 is suitable for measuring RF radiation. The bandwidth can be configured as a narrow range to detect electrical anomalies that are often an early indicator of machine failure. The NI-9770 can detect partial discharges, corona discharges, arcing faults and other phenomena that lead to RF emissions. In addition, electromagnetic structure images (EMSA) can be created by monitoring signals over a period of time with frequency plots.

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NI-9770 (783895-01)
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