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NI PXIe-4302 +\-10 [V], 32-Ch, 24-bit, 5 [kS/s]\ Voltage Input Module

Article number: 783865-01
Product lifecycle: Active

24-Bit, 32-Channel, 5 [kS/s], ±10 [V] PXI Analog Input Module

Product propertys

AI_Resolution 24 bits
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 32
MaximumSamplingRate 5 [kS/s/ch]
DiscreteLowPassFilter 2 [kHz], 1 [kHz], 200 [Hz], 20 [Hz], 2 [Hz]
AI_VoltageRange -0.1 [V] to 0.1 [V], -10 [V] to 10 [V]
Filtering Anti-Alias

Product Description

24-Bit, 32-Channel, 5 [kS/s], ±10 [V] PXI Analog Input Module. The PXIe-4302 is a filtered input module for voltage, thermocouple, and current measurements. The module has an A/D converter per channel to enable a simultaneous sample rate of 5 [kS/s]. The PXIe-4302 offers you the ability to select a digital filter per channel to provide extra filtering performance. You also can operate up to four different sample rates and triggering configurations concurrently to ensure you measure every sensor as needed. The included NI-DAQmx driver simplifies hardware configuration and measurement.

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PXIe-4302 (783865-01)
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