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NI-9860, 2-Port Hardware-Selectable NI-XNET C Series Module, Conformal Coated

Article number: 783703-03
Product lifecycle: Active

2-Port, C Series Vehicle Multiprotocol Interface Module

Product propertys

OperatingTemperatureRange -40 [°C] to 70 [°C]
ConformalCoated Yes
Enclosed Yes

Product Description

2-Port, C Series Vehicle Multiprotocol Interface Module. The NI-9860 is a hardware-selectable HS/FD controller area network (CAN) and/or local interconnect network (LIN) interface for developing CAN and/or LIN applications. As part of the NI-XNET platform, the NI-9860 works well for applications requiring high-speed manipulation of hundreds of frames and signals while taking other data acquisition measurements in the same CompactDAQ hardware platform or while performing low-level FPGA control and embedded monitoring in the same CompactRIO chassis.

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NI-9860 (783703-03)
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