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TRC-8543, NI-XNET CAN XS (LS\FT, HS\FD) Transceiver Cable, 18 in.

Article number: 783701-02
Product lifecycle: Active

CAN HS/FD or LS/FT Transceiver Cable

Product propertys

ConformalCoated No
CAN_PhysicalLayer Low-Speed\Fault Tolerant, High-Speed, Flexible Data-Rate

Product Description

CAN HS/FD or LS/FT Transceiver Cable. The TRC-8543 is designed to provide flexibility in connecting a CAN bus to the NI-9860, PXIe-8510, and/or the native NI-XNET port on a cDAQ-9134 or cDAQ-9135 controller. You can connect the TRC-8543 to the port to support a CAN HS/FD or LS/FT interface. The TRC-8543 is an isolated cable that includes the necessary transceiver for the bus type. It also features termination resistors that you can enable or disable in software.

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TRC-8543 (783701-02)
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