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NI-9260 Mini XLR, +\-4.24 [V], 24-Bit, 51.2 [kS/s/ch], 2-Ch AO Module

Article number: 783467-01
Product lifecycle: Finished

51.2 [kS/s/ch] Simultaneous, 3 [Vrms], 2-Channel C Series Voltage Output Module

Product propertys

AO_Isolation None
ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO
AO_NumberOfChannels 2
AO_Resolution 24 bits
AO_VoltageRange 0 [Vrms] to 3 [Vrms]
MaximumUpdateRate 51.2 [kS/s/ch]
Enclosed Yes
ConformalCoated No
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 2x Mini-XLR
AO_AllChannelsCurrentDrive 7 [mA]

Product Description

51.2 [kS/s/ch] Simultaneous, 3 [Vrms], 2-Channel C Series Voltage Output Module. The NI-9260 is an instrument-grade dynamic signal generator for testing the audio components and capabilities of consumer electronic devices and providing excitation in structural test applications. Unlike sound card-based solutions, the NI-9260 can be deployed quickly and recalibrated to guarantee long-term measurement repeatability and decreased test time. It also features ±30 [V] overvoltage protection and short circuit protection.

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NI-9260 (783467-01)
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