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Article number: 783407-01
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NI 9361, 8-Ch Counter Input C Series Module

Product propertys

NumberOfCountersTimers 8

Product Description

C-Series input module for counter-based acquisition, 8 channels, 32 bit - The NI-9361 is suitable for measurements against reference potential or differential measurements The module can be used to increase the number of counters available in an eight-slot CompactDAQ chassis from four to 64. Each channel can be configured to read a single pulse train, while all channels together can read up to four quadrature encoders. Sensors with open collector or push-pull output stages can be connected directly using an internal switchable 1 kΩ pull-up resistor. The counters of the NI-9361 can be used to measure encoder positions and speeds. The counters can be synchronised with other analogue and digital measurements as well as counter-based measurements in the chassis.

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NI-9361 (783407-01)
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