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NI-9244, 400 [Vrms] L-N, 24-Bit, 50 [kS/s/ch], 3-Ch, AI Module

Article number: 783106-01
Product lifecycle: Active

400 [Vrms] L-N, 690 [Vrms] L-L, 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit, 3-Phase C Series Voltage Input Module

Product propertys

ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO
SimultaneousSampling Yes
AI_VoltageRange 400 [Vrms]
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 0
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 4x Screw Terminal
ConformalCoated No
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 3
MaximumSamplingRate 50 [kS/s/ch]
AI_Resolution 24 bits
Enclosed Yes
AI_Isolation 400 [Vrms] Ch-Earth Ground Isolation

Product Description

400 [Vrms] L-N, 690 [Vrms] L-L, 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit, 3-Phase C Series Voltage Input Module. The NI-9244 performs single-ended analog input. The wide measurement range makes it ideal for high-voltage measurement applications such as phasor measurements, power metering, power quality monitoring, industrial machinery, and motor test. You can also perform transient and harmonic analysis with high-speed simultaneous sampling. The NI-9244 offers three channels, so you can connect single- or three-phase measurement configurations such as WYE and delta. You can incorporate the NI-9244 into systems to meet standards such as IEC 61010-1, C37.90 and C37.60, IEC 60255-22-(1:7), IEC 60255-1, C37.188 Class M and P, EMC section of IEC 60870, EMC sections of IEC 61850, IEC 61000-4-30 Class S, and IEC 61000-4-7. 

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NI-9244 (783106-01)
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