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PXIe-2737 PXI Matrix Switch Module, 256-Crosspoint, Electromechanical Relay, 2 A, 100 [V]

Article number: 782835-37
Product lifecycle: Active

256-Crosspoint, 2-Wire PXI Matrix Switch Module

Product propertys

Mode(nwire) 2-wire
MaximumSwitchingCurrentDC 2 A
RelayType Electromechanical
Switch_Bandwidth 10 [MHz]
Crosspoints 256
NumberOfRows 4
MaximumSwitchingVoltageDC 100 [V]
ScanRate(SwitchingTime) 1000 [cycles/s]
NumberOfColumns 64
NumberOfBanks 1
Module_BusConnection PXI Express

Product Description

256-Crosspoint, 2-Wire PXI Matrix Switch Module. The PXIe-2737 is a high-density 4x64 PXI matrix switch module designed for routing signals within automated test systems and using electromechanical relays to perform immediate switch operations. It also offers features to monitor the health of deployed systems and plan for predictive maintenance, including onboard relay count tracking, a temperature sensor, and functional and resistive relay self-tests available through the NI Switch Health Center.

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PXIe-2737 (782835-37)
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