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PCIe-8237R GigE Vision Frame Grabber, PoE, FPGA I\O

Article number: 782525-01
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2-Port, GigE Vision Frame Grabber Reconfigurable Device

Product propertys

NumberOfCamerasSupported 2
FPGAProcessor Spartan-6 LX25
CameraInterfaceType GigE Vision

Product Description

2-Port, GigE Vision Frame Grabber Reconfigurable Device The PCIe-8237 features Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. It provides optimized performance for high-resolution and high-frame-rate cameras through the combination of two independent Gigabit Ethernet ports and NI’ [s] high-performance GigE Vision driver, which is optimized for machine vision needs. The PCIe-8237 features LabVIEW FPGA-programmable I/O, which offer advanced triggering and synchronization options, such as a low-jitter, low-latency, FPGA-based network trigger and queued pulse support. These options enable tight synchronization of sensors, camera triggering, sorting devices, and other parts of the vision system directly from the frame grabber using a single API. 

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PCIe-8237 (782525-01)
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