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NI USB-6341, OEM X Series DAQ Device

Article number: 782250-01
Product lifecycle: Active

16 AI (16-Bit, 500 [kS/s]), 2 AO (900 [kS/s]), 24 DIO USB Multifunction I/O Device

Product propertys

MaximumUpdateRate 900 [kS/s]
Device_BusConnection USB 2.0
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 16
SimultaneousSampling No
NumberOfCountersTimers 4
AbsoluteAccuracy 2190 [µV]
AI_Resolution 16 bits
MaximumSamplingRate 500 [kS/s]
AO_NumberOfChannels 2
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 8
AI_OnBoardMemorySize 2047 samples
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 24
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 2x Generic (OEM)
Enclosed No

Product Description

16 AI (16-Bit, 500 [kS/s]), 2 AO (900 [kS/s]), 24 DIO USB Multifunction I/O Device The USB-6341 offers analog I/O, digital I/O, and four 32-bit counters/timers for PWM, encoder, frequency, event counting, and more. Onboard NI-STC3 timing and synchronization technology delivers advanced timing functionality, including independent analog and digital timing engines and retriggerable measurement tasks. The USB-6341 is well suited for a broad range of applications, from basic data logging to control and test automation. The included NI-DAQmx driver and configuration utility simplify configuration and measurements.

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USB-6341 (782250-01)
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