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Article number: 781955-01
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NI 9469, Cabled Synchronization Module for C Series

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C Series Chassis Synchronisation Module - The NI-9469 is a module for routing timing and trigger signals between multiple chassis. The module includes the NI-DAQmx and NI-RIO drivers, which come with default master/slave settings for fast synchronisation applications. However, the routing of trigger and clock channels between inports, outports and chassis can also be customised to create extensive systems with individual timing and trigger functions. The NI-9469 is designed to synchronise modules with parallel delta-sigma A/D converters for high channel count systems that require more than one chassis. In addition to delta-sigma synchronisation, the NI-9469' [s] four input and eight output channels (four per port) can be programmed with user-defined trigger functions.

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NI-9469 (781955-01)
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