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NI 9881, C Series CANopen Interface, 1 Port

Article number:781673-01
Product lifecycle: Active

1-Port C Series CANopen Interface Module

Product propertys

ConformalCoated No
CommunicationProtocols CANopen
CANOpen_NumberOfChannels 1
MaximumBaudRate 1 [Mbit/s]
Enclosed Yes

Product Description

1-Port C Series CANopen Interface Module The NI-9881 is a high-speed CANopen interface for developing CANopen applications in LabVIEW software on CompactRIO hardware. CANopen is the application layer that sits on top of the CAN physical layer often used for industrial automation applications. It was designed for motion-oriented machine control networks, such as handling systems, but now it is used in a variety of applications, including medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, public transportation, and building automation. The NI-9881 can transmit/receive process data objects (PDOs) and service data objects (SDOs) according to CiA-DS 301. The NI-9881 is compatible with only CompactRIO systems.

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