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NI 1483 Camera Link Adapter Module

Article number: 781341-01
Product lifecycle: Active

Full-Configuration Camera Link Adapter Module for FlexRIO

Product propertys

CameraInterfaceType Camera Link - Full
NumberOfCameraInputPorts 1

Product Description

Full-Configuration Camera Link Adapter Module for FlexRIO The NI-1483 makes FPGA image processing possible for FlexRIO systems. It supports 80-bit, 10-tap base-, medium-, and full-configuration image acquisition from Camera Link 1.2 standard cameras. You can pair the NI-1483 with a PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO to perform custom image analysis. FPGA processing is ideally suited for applications that require bit-level processing and very low system latency. Implemented in hardware, FPGA processing does not require CPU intervention. You can process images on the FPGA independently or with a CPU for more advanced preprocessing architectures. 

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NI-1483 (781341-01)
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