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USB-8486, 1-Port FOUNDATION Fieldbus Interface with Mounting

Article number: 781160-02
Product lifecycle: Active

USB, 1-Port, Fieldbus Interface Device

Product propertys

Device_BusConnection USB 2.0
Mountable(WithoutAccessories) Yes

Product Description

USB, 1-Port, Fieldbus Interface Device The USB-8486 is a FOUNDATION fieldbus device for developing applications with the NI-FBUS driver, NI-FBUS Configurator, and NI-FBUS Monitor. FOUNDATION fieldbus is a popular industrial communication standard for process control applications. The NI-FBUS Configurator features user-friendly multi-window interfaces to provide tools for the complete configuration, programming, and execution schedules of FOUNDATION fieldbus segments. The NI-FBUS Monitor is a stand-alone application used to monitor, debug, and analyze fieldbus data packets.

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USB-8486 (781160-02)
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