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NI PCI-8531, CANopen Interface, 1 Port

Article number: 781060-01
Product lifecycle: Active

1-Port, CANopen Interface Device

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1-Port, CANopen Interface Device. The PCI-8531 is a high-speed CANopen interface for developing applications with the NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen driver. CANopen is the application layer that sits on top of the CAN physical layer often used for industrial automation applications. CANopen was designed for motion-oriented machine control networks, such as handling systems, but now it is used in a variety of products and applications, including medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, public transportation, and building automation. The PCI-8531 can transmit or receive process data objects (PDOs) and service data objects (SDOs) according to CiA-DS 301. It also features a batch SDO editor with EDS file integration and LSS services support for slave node configuration. 

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PCI-8531 (781060-01)
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