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NI PXIe-6544 (100 [MHz], 32DIOch, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 [V],64Mb\ch)

Article number: 780992-03
Product lifecycle: Active

PXIe, 100 [MHz], 32-Channel, 3.3 [V] PXI Digital Waveform Instrument

Product propertys

HardwareCompare No
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 32
DIO_InterfaceType Single-Ended
SupportsPMU No
DeepMemorySize 64 Mbit
ActiveLoad No
LogicLevelsAndRange 1.2 [V], 1.5 [V], 1.8 [V], 2.5 [V], 3.3 [V]
MaxGenerationRate 100 Mbits\ [s]
MaxAcquisitionRate 100 Mbits\ [s]

Product Description

PXIe, 100 [MHz], 32-Channel, 3.3 [V] PXI Digital Waveform Instrument. The PXIe-6544 is a digital waveform generator and analyzer for interfacing with 32 single-ended digital pins. The PXIe-6544 can sample digital waveforms at up to 100 [MHz] and interface with common transistor-to-transistor logic (TTL) voltage levels. The PXI-6544 also features advanced synchronization capabilities for building integrated mixed-signal test systems and per-bank digital timing features.

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PXIe-6544 (780992-03)
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