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NI-9208, 24-bit current input module with D-Sub, Conformal Coat

Article number: 780968-02
Product lifecycle: Active

500 [S/s], ±20 [mA], 16-Channel C Series Current Input Module

Product propertys

AI_Isolation 60 [VDC] Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 1x D-SUB
ConformalCoated Yes
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 16
AI_Resolution 24 bits
MaximumSamplingRate 500 [S/s]
Enclosed Yes
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 0
CurrentRange -20 [mA] to 20 [mA]

Product Description

500 [S/s], ±20 [mA], 16-Channel C Series Current Input Module The NI-9208 is designed with industrial systems in mind. It includes a high-resolution mode with 50/60 [Hz] rejection to remove low frequency noise. It has high-channel density to reduce the number of modules needed, which leaves slots open for other measurement types or for reducing the overall per channel cost of the system. The NI-9208 uses a standard D-SUB connection for use with cables and connector blocks. 

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NI-9208 (780968-02)
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