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sbRIO-9870 (NI 9870E)

Article number: 780922-02
Product lifecycle: Active

NI 9870E 4-PORT RS232 Module Board-Only w/ 4 10P10C-DE9 Cables

Product propertys

ProductPlatform CompactRIO
Enclosed No
ConformalCoated No
MaximumBaudRate 921.6 [kbit/s]
SupportedSerialProtocols RS232

Product Description

sbRIO-9870 Board-Only w/ 4 10P10C-DE9 Cables. Non-Enclosed, 4-Port, RS232 C Series Serial Interface Module. The sbRIO-9870 adds RS232 serial ports to CompactRIO systems. The serial ports are accessed directly from the FPGA to offer you flexibility in communicating with serial devices. The module has individual buffers on every port that save FPGA space and simplify programming. The sbRIO-9870 supports standard start bit, stop bit, and handshaking settings. It uses an external power to provide maximum compatibility and reliability under all serial port conditions. Non-enclosed modules are designed for OEM applications.

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sbRIO-9870 (780922-02)
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