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PXI-7951 (780560-01)

Virtex-5 LX30 FPGA PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO

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Virtex-5 LX30 FPGA PXI FPGA Module for FlexRIO The PXI-7951 provides flexible, customizable I/O for LabVIEW FPGA. It includes 132 single-ended I/O lines configurable as 66 differential pairs. You can pair the PXI-7951 with FlexRIO adapter modules that offer high-performance analog and digital I/O. Together, the two modules create a reconfigurable instrument that you can program with LabVIEW FPGA software.

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Product propertys

NumberOfDSPSlices 32
BRAM 1152 kbit
PXI_BackplaneLink PCI
NumberOfFPGASlices 4800
FPGAProcessor Virtex-5 LX30
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