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USB-4432, 24-bit, 102.4 [kS/s], 5 Input, AC\DC Coupling, IEPE

Article number: 780421-01
Product lifecycle: Expiring

102.4 [kS/s], 100 [dB], 0.8 [Hz] AC/DC Coupled, 5-Input Sound and Vibration Device

Product propertys

Frontend Connection\Connection Type 5x BNC
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 5
Device_BusConnection USB 2.0
AI_InputCoupling AC\DC
HighPassFilterCutoffFrequency 0.1 [Hz]
MaximumSamplingRate 102.4 [kS/s]

Product Description

102.4 [kS/s], 100 [dB], 0.8 [Hz] AC/DC Coupled, 5-Input Sound and Vibration Device. The USB-4432 is designed for sound and vibration measurements. Four of the input channels incorporate integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones and built-in antialiasing filters that automatically adjust to your sampling rate. The fifth input channel does not include IEPE support.

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USB-4432 (780421-01)
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