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NI PXI-4065 6 1\2-Digit DMM (300 [V], 3A)

Article number:780011-01
Product lifecycle: Active

6½-Digit, ±300 [V] PXI Digital Multimeter

Product propertys

Module_BusConnection PXI Hybrid
MaximumSamplingRate 3 [kS/s]
DCVoltageRange -300 [V] to 300 [V]
DC_VoltageAccuracy 90 [ppm]
DigitsOfResolution 6.5
DCCurrentRange -3 A to 3 A
PerformsLCR No

Product Description

6½-Digit, ±300 [V] PXI Digital Multimeter. The PXI-4065 is a 6½-digit, 300 [V] DMM, which makes AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, and 2- or 4-wire resistance measurements, as well as diode tests. It is ideally suited for OEMs, educational laboratories, or other cost-conscious test and measurement applications.

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