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NI-9403 (779787-01)

5 V/TTL, 32 Bidirectional Channels, 7 µs C Series Digital Module

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5 V/TTL, 32 Bidirectional Channels, 7 µs C Series Digital Module The NI-9403 is a configurable digital I/O interface for input or output with shift-on-the-fly capabilities. Each channel features transient isolation between the I/O channels and the backplane. With reconfigurable I/O (RIO) technology (CompactRIO only), you can use the LabVIEW FPGA Module to program the NI-9403 for applications such as custom, high-speed counter/timers; digital communication protocols; and pulse generation. In a CompactDAQ chassis, you can use the NI-9403 only as a static (software-timed) digital I/O module. You cannot use these modules to route timing or triggering signals. 

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Product propertys

DIO_MaximumUpdateRate 7 µs
DIO_Isolation 60 VDC Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
CurrentFlowDirection Sinking Input, Sinking Output, Sourcing Output, Sourcing Input
Enclosed Yes
ConformalCoated No
NumberOfInputOnlyChannels 0
NumberOfOutputOnlyChannels 0
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 32
ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO
FrontendConnection\ConnectionType D-SUB
DIO_LogicLevels 5 V TTL
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