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NI-9229 4-Ch ±60 [V], 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit,Ch-\-Ch Isolated AI Module

Article number:779785-01
Product lifecycle: Active

±60 [V], 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit, Simultaneous Input, 4-Channel C Series Voltage Module

Product propertys

ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO
SimultaneousSampling Yes
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 4
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 4x Screw Terminal
AI_VoltageRange -60 [V] to 60 [V]
ConformalCoated No
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 0
Enclosed Yes
MaximumSamplingRate 50 [kS/s/ch]
AI_Isolation 250 [Vrms] Ch-Ch Isolation
AI_Resolution 24 bits

Product Description

±60 [V], 50 [kS/s/ch], 24-Bit, Simultaneous Input, 4-Channel C Series Voltage Module. The NI-9229 performs differential analog input. The NI-9229 is an effective general-purpose analog module because of its resolution, sample rate, and input range. With channel-to-channel isolation, your entire system, including the device under test, is protected from harmful voltage spikes up to the isolation rating. In addition to safety, isolation eliminates measurement errors caused by ground loops because the front end of the module is floating. 

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