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Article number: 779781-01
Product lifecycle: Active

NI 9219 4 Ch-Ch Isolated, 24-bit, ±60 [V],100 [S/s] Universal AI Module

Product propertys

Frontend Connection\Connection Type 4x Spring Terminal
ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO
AI_Isolation 250 [Vrms] Ch-Ch Isolation
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 4
SupportedSensorType Bridge, RTD, Thermocouple
MaximumSamplingRate 100 [S/s/ch]
ElectricalSignalMeasured Current, Voltage
Enclosed Yes
ConformalCoated No

Product Description

Universal analogue input module of the C series with 4 channels, 100 [S/s] per channel - The NI-9219 is suitable for a wide range of measurement applications. The NI-9219 module can be used to measure various signals from sensors such as strain gauges, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples, force transducers and other current-operated sensors. In addition, quarter-bridge, half-bridge and full-bridge current measurements can be carried out with an integrated excitation voltage and excitation current source. Each channel can be selected individually to perform different measurements on each channel.

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NI-9219 (779781-01)
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