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NI-9205 32-Ch ±10 [V], 250 [kS/s], 16-Bit AI Module w\ DSUB

Article number:779357-01
Product lifecycle: Active

±10 [V], 250 [kS/s], 16-Bit, 32-Channel C Series Voltage Input Module

Product propertys

ConformalCoated No
NumberOfSingleEndedChannels 32
MaximumSamplingRate 250 [kS/s]
AI_Resolution 16 bits
Enclosed Yes
AI_Isolation 60 [VDC] Ch-Earth Ground Isolation
SimultaneousSampling No
NumberOfDifferentialInputChannels 16
AI_VoltageRange -10 [V] to 10 [V], -5 [V] to 5 [V], -1 [V] to 1 [V], -200 [mV] to 200 [mV]
Frontend Connection\Connection Type 1x D-SUB
ProductPlatform CompactDAQ, CompactRIO

Product Description

±10 [V], 250 [kS/s], 16-Bit, 32-Channel C Series Voltage Input Module. The NI-9205 performs single-ended or differential analog inputs, with four programmable input ranges for each. It is an effective combination of channel count and speed at a low price for an economical multifunction system. You can choose from four programmable input ranges. To protect against signal transients, the NI-9205 includes up to 60 [V] of overvoltage protection between input channels and common. In addition, the NI-9205 also includes a channel-to-earth ground double isolation barrier for safety, noise immunity, and high common-mode voltage range. It is rated for 1,000 [Vrms] transient overvoltage protection.

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