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PXI-6624 (778975-01)

Isolated 48 VDC, 8-Channel PXI Counter/Timer Module

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Isolated 48 VDC, 8-Channel PXI Counter/Timer Module The PXI-6624 performs a wide variety of counter/timer tasks, including event counting, time period/frequency measurement, quadrature encoder position measurement, pulse-width measurement, pulse generation, and pulse-train generation. It features 48 VDC channel-to-channel isolated I/O with eight counter/timers, 26 digital inputs, and eight digital outputs. Example applications also include the generation of retriggerable pulses, two-signal edge separation measurements, continuous buffered event counting, and continuous buffered pulse-train measurements. The PXI-6624 offers superior industrially rugged features for a wide array of applications such as automotive/aerospace, industrial/motion control, and manufacturing test.

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Product propertys

Module_BusConnection PXI Hybrid
FrequencyRange 400 kHz
BrandedCompanyName NI
HighPrecisionOscillator No
DIO_Isolation 60 V Ch-Ch Isolation
NumberOfCountersTimers 8
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