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Article number: 778939-01
Product lifecycle: Active

PCI-6514 Bundle, CB-100 I/O Kit, NI-DAQ

Product propertys

DIO_InputVoltageRange -30 [V] to 30 [V]
OutputVoltageRange -30 [V] to 30 [V]
Device_BusConnection PCI
NumberOfInputOnlyChannels 32
DIO_SingleChannelCurrentDrive 75 [mA]
NumberOfOutputOnlyChannels 32
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 0

Product Description

PCI-6514 Bundle, CB-100 I/O Kit. 64-Channel, ±30 [VDC], 32 Sink/Source Inputs, 32 Source Output, Bank-Isolated Digital I/O Device. The PCI-6514 is an industrial digital I/O interface, with eight banks of isolated channels. With programmable power-up states, you can configure the initial output states in software, to ensure safe operation when connected to industrial actuators. If a computer or application fault occurs, the PCI-6514 can use digital I/O watchdogs to switch to a configurable safe output state to ensure detection and safe recovery from fault conditions. Programmable input filters eliminate glitches/spikes and provide debouncing for digital switches/relays through a software-selectable digital filter.

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PCI-6514 (778939-01)
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