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PXI-2533 PXI Matrix Switch Module, 256-Crosspoint, Solid State \ FET Relay, 1 A, 55 [V]

Article number: 778572-33
Product lifecycle: Active

256-Crosspoint, 1-Wire PXI Matrix Switch Module

Product propertys

NumberOfRows 4
MaximumSwitchingVoltageDC 55 [V]
ScanRate(SwitchingTime) 400 [cycles/s]
MaximumSwitchingCurrentDC 1 A
Mode(nwire) 1-wire
Switch_Bandwidth 1.5 [MHz]
Crosspoints 256
NumberOfBanks 1
RelayType Solid State
NumberOfColumns 64
Module_BusConnection PXI Hybrid

Product Description

256-Crosspoint, 1-Wire PXI Matrix Switch Module. The PXI-2533 is a high-density 4x64 PXI matrix switch module built to serve high-channel-count automated test systems. Featuring solid-state relays (SSRs), the PXI-2533 offers unlimited mechanical lifetime and the ability to route 55 [W] simultaneously on all channels. It also features onboard relay counting for relay monitoring and deterministic operation with hardware triggers to improve test throughput.

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PXI-2533 (778572-33)
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