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USB-485\4, North American 240Vac

Article number: 778476-54
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USB-485\4, 4-Port USB to RS-485 Converter, North American 240Vac

Product propertys

Device_SupportedPowerInput North America 240 [VDC]
SupportedSerialProtocols RS485, RS422
Serial_NumberOfChannels 4
Device_BusConnection USB 2.0
IsolationType None

Product Description

USB device for measuring device control via the serial bus with 4 ports, RS485/RS422 - The USB-485/4 interface provides an asynchronous serial port instead of a USB port to enable communication with devices equipped with the RS-485 and RS-422 interfaces. The USB-485/4 port can be used as a standard serial port within applications, including RTS/CTS hardware handshake lines, and NI serial ports appear as standard COM ports for compatibility with programs that use serial communication.

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USB-485\4 (778476-54)
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