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PCI-GPIB, NI 488.2 for Windows 7\Vista\XP

Article number:778032-01
Product lifecycle: Expiring

PCI, IEEE 488 GPIB Instrument Control Device

Product propertys

SupportedOperatingSystem Windows
GPIB_LowProfile No
Device_BusConnection PCI
OnboardGPIBAnalyzer No
FrontendConnection 24-Pin

Product Description

PCI, IEEE 488 GPIB Instrument Control Device. The PCI-GPIB is a plug-and-play IEEE 488 interface for PCs and workstations with PCI expansion slots. The PCI-GPIB can sustain data transfer rates of more than 1.5 [MB/s] using the IEEE 488.1 three-wire interlocked handshake. It also implements the high-speed IEEE 488.1 noninterlocked handshake (HS488) for benchmarked data transfers at more than 7.7 [MB/s]. The onboard bus master DMA controller means that there are no microprocessor interruptions in data transfer.

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