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PXI-6508 Digital I\O Module and NI-DAQ forWindows XP\2000\NT\9x, Mac

Article number:777598-01
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96-Channel, 5 [V] TTL/CMOS, 2.5 [mA] PXI Digital I/O Module

Product propertys

DIO_InterfaceType Single-Ended
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 96
DIO_SingleChannelCurrentDrive 2.5 [mA]
OutputVoltageRange 0 [V] to 5 [V]
DIO_InputVoltageRange -0.3 [V] to 5.3 [V]
DIO_LogicLevels 5 [V]
Module_BusConnection PXI Hybrid

Product Description

96-Channel, 5 [V] TTL/CMOS, 2.5 [mA] PXI Digital I/O Module. The PXI-6508 uses four, 24-bit programmable peripheral interfaces (PPIs) that can each be divided into three, 8-bit ports. The PXI-6508 can interface to peripherals or other computers, and it can operate in either a unidirectional or bidirectional mode and handshake with peripheral equipment. The PXI-6508 is well suited for applications that require onboard pull-up resistors.

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