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Article number: 185183-01
Product lifecycle: Active

PCI-6503 Board Only

Product propertys

DIO_SingleChannelCurrentDrive 2.4 [mA]
NumberOfBidirectionalChannels 24
OutputVoltageRange 0 [V] to 5 [V]
DIO_InputVoltageRange 0 [V] to 5 [V]
Device_BusConnection PCI

Product Description

PCI-6503 Board Only. 24-Channel, 5 [V], TTL/CMOS, 2.4 [mA] Digital I/O Device. The PCI-6503 uses a 24-bit programmable peripheral interface (PPI). Each interface is Plug and Play compatible and does not require a separate card manager for configuration. The PCI-6503 can interface to peripherals or other computers, and it can operate in either a unidirectional or bidirectional mode and handshake with peripheral equipment.

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PCI-6503 (185183-01)
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