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Article number: 1251.100
Product lifecycle: Active

PC Card cifX PCI Express Real-Time Ethernet. Master or slave depending on firmware license.

Product propertys

System Core
Memory RAM 8 MB SDRAMFLASH 4 MB serielles Flash-EPROM
protocol EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK. Modbus, ProfiNet, Sercos, VARAN
Internal Expansion Bus
type PCIe
I/O interface
Ethernet Port 2 x RJ45-Buchse10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, potentialfreiIsolationsspannung 1000 [V] DC (getestet für 1 Minute)
Operating temperature Betriebstemperaturbereich 0 [°C] ... +55 [°C] (Umluftgeschwindigkeit (Air flow) bei der Messung: 0,5 [m]/ [s])Lagertemperaturbereich 0 [°C] ... +70 [°C]
Dimensions 120,0 x 86 x 18,5 [mm] (ab Hardware-Revision 5)
mount PCI Express-x1-Steckplatz (3,3 [V])

Product Description

Universal card for all Real-Time Ethernet protocolsUniform user interface for all protocols and formatsSimplest integration thanks to large driver varietyData access via dual-port memory or direct memory accessUnique slot number assignment via rotary switch

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CIFX 50E-RE (1251.100)
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