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FAQ stands for frequently asked questions.

For which types of accoustic measurement can the XOn Accoustics System be set up?

The system provides a wide selection of measurement methods. In the standard model, the following routines for analysis are already included:

  • 3rd Octave Analysis
  • 1/n Octave Analysis
  • FFT analysis
  • FFT power spectrum density
  • FFT power spectrum analysis
  • FFT Power Spectrum magnitude phase
  • Sound level analysis

One extension for the standard model ist the psychoacoustics with the analysis methods:

  • Loudness in sone (DIN 45631 / ISO 532 B)
  • Specific loudness in the critical bands
  • Sharpness in acum (ISO 532)

Which interfaces do you normally offer?

The basic system contains a TCP/IP interface, in which the XOn Acoustic System acts as the server. You get libraries for both LabVIEW (VIs) and C (DLL). This makes it easy for you to integrate the system into your own projects.

How long does it take from the order date to successful set up?

As a rule, 4 to 6 weeks. With regards to rush orders which must be specially compensated for, we can naturally set up the equipment much faster.

Can the front end be individually fitted?

The style guide as well as your corporate design can be easily adopted.

Finally - why is the XOn Accoustics System considered a quintessential box product?

Since XOn Software is the system provider, the solution can be tailored despite its useful standardization. Additionally, the existing solution can be expanded to hardware and software components depending on inspection requests. XOn Accoustics ideally unites the advantages of a complete product with the advantages of a flexible project solution.

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