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XOn Accoustics System

A new measurement and analysis system for sound!

The "XOn Accoustics System" unites the flexibility and efficiency of an industry PC with the sensitivity and capabilities of a high resolution microphone.

The system provides a wide selection of measurement methods. In the standard model, the following routines are already included:

  • 3rd Octave Analysis
  • 1/n Octave Analysis
  • FFT analysis
  • FFT power spectrum density
  • FFT power spectrum analysis
  • FFT Power Spectrum magnitude phase
  • Sound level analysis

One extension for the standard model ist the psychoacoustics with the analysis methods:

  • Loudness
  • Specific loudness
  • Sharpness

XOn Akustik-System

The system's strength lies in its flexibility. Through it, we achieve the ability to simply continue further development completely oriented towards the wishes of our clients. A new module for TCP/IP-communication? Set-up and measurement from afar? No problem!

The system is tested with different Pistonfon sound analysis calibrators and delivers excellent results equivalent to DIN EN 60651 for class 1 microphones with a frequency of 20 Hz through 20 kHz.

The XOn Accoustics System has been successfully set up in different customer applications i.e. in a transmission test standard in which a B&K System was substituted. The results remained at the same level. Moreover, data acquisition and analysis were faster than before and this occurred in a dramatically lower price range. The flexibility of the software allows the customer to conduct new tests with his products which were previously not possible.

The XOn Accoustics System: profit from the advantages of our new products in the world of "Sound and Vibration":

  • High Performance,
  • Low Costs,
  • Flexibility,
  • Innovation.

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XOn Akustik-System