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XOn LIN Development Suite - Price List

You can order your LIN Development Suite in different variations to meet exactly your needs.

All packages comprise the complete software package containing LinMaster, LinAPI and Bitstream-Files for the FPGA. Besides the FPGA board, the bus transceivers (one for each two channels) and all needed cables are enclosed.

FPGA board LIN channels Packet price
NI PXI-7811R 2 Request an offer now!
NI PCI-7811R 2 Request an offer now!
NI PXI-7813R 6 Request an offer now!
NI PCI-7813R 6 Request an offer now!

We would be happy to make an individual quote for you that considers your special wishes.
This could mean for example using an FPGA board with analog inputs and outputs (e.g. NI PXI-7833R) and special FPGA software that accomplishes additional tasks synchronized to the LIN bus.

Note: The LIN Development Suite hardware can also be used to access and test I-bus and K-bus devices. Please ask us for further information.

Of course we can also help you develope your application.

Please contact us directly!

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XOn LIN Development Suite Price List