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ZIP Toolkit FAQ

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions-meaning often asked questions and their answers.

Is your zip compressing tool compatible with the one which is implemented in Windows XP?

Of course you can open the data which you compressed with our tool by using the tool integrated in XP's compression program. The basic algorithm is exactly the same.

Can your toolkit also supply Archive with a password or redistribute to different floppy disks? (Spanning)?

Unfortunately, no basic Zip-Algorithm for password protection was intended with our tool. Therefore, our tool can't (yet?) deal with password protected Zip-archives. "Spanning" is similarly not supported. However, you always have the possibilty of creating your own Zip data and distributing the binary data stream to different data files.

Questions or Answers?

Do you have questions (or answers) which should appear in this FAQ? Program codes or similar items which should be published here?

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ZIP Toolkit FAQ