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Summary of X1 ® (Version 2.3)

X1 ® is an all-in-one report generator, analysis tool, and development platform.
It is ideal for scientists and technicians who visualize and analyze large quantities of data.

Captivate yourself, your clients, and your colleagues with graphic analyses and reports!

Order the X1 now and test its comfortable reporting system free of charge for four weeks. You will see: the purchase price pays for itself within just a few weeks. And: you can more quickly convince customers, employees, and bosses of the value of your services and products. X1 helps you to more effectively present your results.

The following overview gives you a quick orientation to X1 ® 2.3.
More detailed information over all product characteristics as well as some examples of reports can be found on the reference page .

Area Feature Explanation-Applications
1. Product Conception Quick creation of technical and scientific reports with help from the interactive functions, C++ based script, remote control, Stand-Alone-Solution Simplicity, flexibility, effeciency, user comfort, individual analysis and presentation of powerful, complex data, maximum resolution, excellent expressions
2. Development
All-in-one, integrated/open concept, consistent object orientation with data, graphics, and scripts, 100 % programmed in C++ Graphic editor, CX1 Programming: Compiler/ Editor/ Debugger , OLE, remote control over ActiveX, DLL-interface and more.
3. User Guide Intuitive MS-impression, Point and Click, WYSIWYG, meta structure Work like in MS-Office – only with more possibilities
4. Data Sources All databases and data formats for example: ODBC, DAO, SQL, DIA, ...
5. Layout: Graphic Objects All important standards, activation of new object types through combination and cascading Maximum degrees of freedom since texts, tables, axes, and levels are capable of being individually assigned parameters
6. Content: Design Objets All 2D - and 3D – Standards i.e. curves, beams, contour lines, vector fields, polygons, whiskers, etc.
7. Analysis-
All important analysis functions i.e. statistics, calculus, signal analysis, algebra ...
8. Interfaces DLL, Active X: (Server), OLE (Client/Server) Exchange of graphics/functions with other applications, i.e. remote controlling through Excel, LabVIEW
9. CX1 Programming Based on the CX1 speech reference, special analyses and reports can be easily created Integrated CX1 Compiler automatically quickly assesses powerful and complex packets of information
10. Installation Quick and easy in 2 minutes for 32/64 Bit Win. platforms
11. Service Internet, Hotline, Programming Substantial online assistance
12. Training Training on site, in workshops Only necessary in special cases
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